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Cathy and Michael quotes

Things Cathy and Michael said about each other

Women's Weekly (23/11/2004)

It was while I was performing in Aspects of Love that Cathy McGowan came to interview me for a BBC news programme. That was 1989. We didn't get together exclusively until 1991 and then moved in together the following year. We've always jealously guarded our privacy. We don't do first nights. We don't pose on red carpets. We don't let people photograph us in our home.

What makes Cathy special? Oh God, so much. But the bottom line is she really loves me. I know I can put my complete trust in her. People talk about the age difference-she's 15 years older than me-but have you seen her? It simply isn't an issue.

Of course, I've thought about fatherhood, but not having children has never been a matter of regret. We're surrounded by kids. Cathy's daughter has two children and my sister and brother each have kids. And I have had such an engrossing career.

Express and Star (13/11/2004)

He lives with his partner of 13 years Cathy and seems perfectly happy with his lot.He says they have no plans to marry and are happy as they are.

My Weekly (October 2004)

And, in a way Michael's success on the stage borught stability to his private life, too, in the form of former Ready, Steady, Go! presenter Cathy McGowan who has been his partner for the past 12 years.

"Cathy came to interview me for the BBC. We became friends ... then better friends .... and we've been together ever since."

Although they have no children of their own, Cathy has two grandchildren.

(...) His first priority however remains his private life with Cathy.

"The job is exciting" Ball concludes "But the madness of show business isn't real life. Real life is when you shut the front door, stick the telly on and open a bottle of wine. I have the love of a great lady. We have our private life and we've always kept it that way."

Daily Mail (13/04/2002)

The Best day in my life

At about 4.30am Cathy woke up, choking on the smoke. All the lights in the house had gone. She realised I wasn't in bed, and went down in the black fumes to look for me in my study. But as she opened the door, flames leapt out. She thought I had fallen asleep on the sofa there, and that I was gone. She ran into the street screaming, and someone called the fire brigade. Then, realising I might be in Emma's room, she ran back into the burning house. When she found me I was out for the count, because I was over the study and the fumes had got to me. She grabbed me and we got out. She then went back and got the dog. Real hero stuff. So there we were in the front garden, me in my boxer shorts, Cathy in her nightie. That had to be the worst day of my life. The next part became the best day because of the way people helped. First, there were the ambulancemen and fire services who came straight away and were so kind.

When the fire was out I went back into the house. The fire, caused by an electrical fault, had started in the study, where all the CD's, videos and TV footage was stored. They'd all gone up. My gold discs had melted, too. All our memorabilia was lost, as well as the furniture and carpets. But it didn't really matter that the stuff couldn't be replaced. You carry your memories with you. It was Christmas and I realised that if I didn't work something out, we'd be homeless for quite a while. So the next morning I found a house to rent. Everyone began helping. A local shop lent us some furniture and hampers of food arrived. Friends and family rallied round and the record company replaced the discs I lost. Then fans began searching archives for footage of Cathy and me so we'd have as much memorabilia as possible.

It really brought out the best in everyone. It put life into perspective, giving us a good shake-up and making us really treasure what we have. And if I ever needed a demonstration of Cathy's love, there it was. It made me feel very luck

The Times (01/12/2004)

(On collecting Graphic novels) That makes me a bit of a nerd, doesn't it? We passed this specialist shop in Richmond the other week called They Walk Among Us. I reverted to being a spotty 14-year-old in an anorak. Cathy just looked on in disbelief.

Open House with Gloria Hunniford (December 2001)

Our house caught fire. It was actually really, really quite serious. But we got out of the house, when the fire brigade are  arriving and were in such a state, you know. I was out there, in my pants and a jacket that Cath had thrown around me, literally watching our house go up in flames. And as the Fire Brigade were arriving, I am going: ( imitating himself, desperately searching for a cigarette ) has anyone got a fag, excuse me, forget it, have you got a fag? ( audience and Gloria in the meantime laughing ) (...)

I´ ll tell you another thing though that did happen, which is a bit lighter on that. The next day as we were sitting in all the rubble , and I´ m now chain-smoking, you see and literally it´ s I mean..filthy , black and horror. Really, really soul-destroying. But I lit up a fag in this rubble and Cath goes "Where´ s an ashtray?" ( LOL ) It´ s true!  I was going (i mitating himself looking round for an ashtray ) "Sorry love." And thought "What the hell am I doing ?!" You know.  (...)

We came back from, uhm, we - Cathy and I had been out, at a party and doing some work as well. And went to bed about half past one. I couldn't sleep and Cath was out for alike, so I went downstairs to me study. I pulled myself a little single Malt, as you do. ( Gloria laughing ) and was sort of downstairs for about an hour and a half. Went up, she was akip, so I went into the spare room - (looking to the audience with a naughty grin) as you do sometimes. ( audience laughing ) And went to sleep. The next thing I know, well to tell the story from Cathy's point of view: She uh, woke up choking and coughing and felt across ( imitating her from now on the whole time. How she felt for him, how she wanted to turn on the lights, just everything ) and I wasn't there. And tried to put the lights on, from a deeply, tried to put the lights on. The lights had gone in the house. And she realises the smoke there doing up. And she's freaking, cause I am not there. She ran down through the pitch black and black smoke, down to where my study is and open the door and flames came out ( showing how flames came out ).

And thought I was in there. So she is then opening the door and chucking - cause she can't get physically in there - chucking things in to try and thinks I'm in there - you know, fallen asleep in the chair. And is getting no response, is then convinced: I am dead ( makes a little pause ) Is I've gone in the fire. she then - ( looking up ) God bless her! She ran out into the street, screaming and she stopped a bus, I think, that was going past. Phoned the Fire Brigade and then thought maybe I am this room, I'm in the spare room, came back in, through the smoke and the flames and literally could not see a thing and came up to the room and was feeling around and felt I was in the bed. I passed out with the fumes and everything.

Thank god she did! And literally haul ( imitating himself ) .... I'm comatose. and hauling me out of the bed and I came to and realise we're in ser, serious trouble here, ran down. And I thought it was a dream, or or .. it was just .... or she was exaggerating. I came, and well, did  a stupid thing ( showing what he then did ) I, opening the door ..... of the study...

And it it just all came out ( showing how the flames approached him ). I said: Right, get out. ( behaving like now the most stupid thing that night followed ) She then goes and rans back up to grab Yogi ( audience laughing and going aww at the same time )- the dog - who spark out ( imitating Yogi here ) with the fume. And we went. .... the Fire Brigade ( to the audience ) this is two days before Christmas. The Fire Brigade then arrive and - who where fantastic. Just so on the ball! And uhm, put the fire out and where.... ( thinking ) Uff, I can see it now, have ( he is now showing the lines and black streams Cathy had below her nostrils through in and exhaling the smoke and fumes ).... Cath's face, like the black  around her, where she is inhaling it and all over is filthy, really in a state of shock. And finally the Fire Brigade have checked, if everything was out and we then get to go in and look at the damage and it was... We then probably two months before have finished having the house really nicely done.

There were some bits that were so shocking like: In the bed-room, in the bed, seeing the sheets black and just the outlline of the body, of C..., where she was lying.  (showing her profile) you know all that.

No, but what was really inter..., because we came.... I kind of, because I did not have the trauma that she had. I mean she: .. in her head for that moment that I was dead


just inconsolable and then the relief obviously when - I hope the relief - when she found  out ( whole audience laughing together with Michael ).

Gloria Hunniford : You know, she saved your life.

Michael: ( nodding sincerely ) there is absolutely no question about. She did! I mean she was, she was I mean extraordinary. Just: It's that instinct for survival and what is quite clear, when people say in those polls: If your house is burning down, what do you safe? You safe the people you love,

News of the World (29/10/2000)

A song Ball wrote with Brian Kennedy, Just When, about his partner Cathy McGowan, is on his latest album. But don't expect wedding bells even though he and the former pop show queen have been together for seven years.

"Cathy wouldn't have me even if I asked," he insists. "I love her to bits and we are very happy. She has been a rock for me and is very supportive of what I do. But at times we both need a breathing space and it works out very well."

OK! My Week (November 2000)

Early Monday morning I got back into London and went home for the first time in five weeks. I was very pleased to see Cathy and my dog and to have my first home-cooked mail in ages - bacon and eggs at two o'clock in the morning, it was lovely! When I do get a very rare day off, I'll completely chill out. I love watching telly and doing absolutely nothing - not even thinking.

My life has always been like that, I got used o the weird hours from doing long runs in theatre but Cathy hates it! She is getting used to  it, after all we've been together nearly ten years. We're home birds really, but we do love the movies and try to see everything that comes out. If a friend's in a show we'll go to see it, but we're pretty low key and not premiere types. We'd rather be w ith family and friends than out on the razzle - that's my job so I'd rather not do it in my spare time.

I have a house with a fantastic kitchen down by the south coast, so my idea od joy is going down there for the weekend and cooking roast lamb for everybody, drinking lots of beer and going for long walks. Most of the time it's just me, Cathy and the dog, but other times the house will be full. I've had the place for five years and it's perfect.

My Weekly (29/11/1999)

I don't think I'd regret not getting married. It doesn't seem to be necessary - my commitment to Cathy is obvious. We're both really comfy and happy as we are. Besides, Cathy and I have recently become grand-parents! Cathy's daughter Emma had a son, Connor, six months ago. I'm Connor's godfather and I'm besotted with him - and so is Cathy. But it really makes me aware how monumental a change it would make to my life if I were to have kids. I used to think I could handle it, but I don't now. this business is quite selfish and often unfair on children.

Daily Mirror (31/10/1999)

He said: "She taught me not to feel like a freak. She made me feel attractive for me, not for being Mr Entertainment.

"I love my home, I love the normality of my life with Cathy."

Her daughter Emma by former husband Hywel Bennett has just had a son, Connor.

A delighted Michael said: "I never thought a baby was going to come into my life in any shape or form - let alone one I was going to be so close to."


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