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You always remember your first time ...

Well, it was either in a carpark in Darlington in 1989, or in a record store in London in 1986 ... let me exsplain -

The carpark in Darlington was a conscious occasion (no, I wasn´t unconscious in the record store!) - the radio DJ told us this was the single from the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Well, what a moment! What a voice! I was mesmerized, I knew I had to see this show, but more, I knew I had to see the owner of this voice. I realised later that I had heard it before, I had the original cast recording of Les Mis, but somehow he hadn´t had the same effect - even tho´I do have a strong memory of hearing "Heart full of love" in the record store just before I saw the show. (I had a terrible timing - I saw Les Mis after he´d left and Phantom before he joined!)

The first TV appearances - Wogan, Top of the Pops, just made it more important for me to see him, and the hardest thing I ever did was to leave a couple of friends in the queue for Aspects and go home! I did ask a friend to kiss him from me - and she did! I finally saw the gentleman. The more I saw him, especially in New York (we´ve moved forward a year here!) - the more I loved him - so many memories of hugs and kisses, such appreciation of the fans - and such an ordinary guy! No pretentions, no "starry" behaviour. This hasn´t ever changed - he doesn´t always enjoy crowds of fans, but who can blame him? Get him alone (please!) or in a small group and you get a lovely man.

It´s 16 years and more since I first discovered Michael, and it´s been a great and eventful time - and one full of music and friends.

Oh, yes, and his Dad is one of the most charming men I know.

( with Tony Ball and our Angela )

02/17/2005 0:36

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