Angela Butts

And last but surely not least our dear friend Angela who truly is an angel by name and nature.

We met during Michael's Chitty run and felt close instantly. Thanks to Angela we get wonderful tickets for everything as she is extremely generous and patient and calls venues for us whenever needed (we don't dare ourselves as we are cowards and non-native speakers). So this tour, her mere presence on the other side of the chat window helped us morally and we got wonderful seats. She officially is a bunny of honour now and our lucky charm!

She also provided food and shelter for us mad bunnies already (together with her wonderful husband, whose cooking is legendary for us now! Chocolate soufflée in the middle of the night…never to be forgotten...mmh).

So apart from her indirect help for the website (good seats = good pictures), her direct contribution is providing us with the newest (and some classics, too) TV ads and clips. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

( with Tony Ball and our Pat )

02/16/2005 12:54

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